I’m an Award Winning Digital Artist specialized in Character Art, with 19 years of experience working with CG (started doing Computer Graphics at the age of 14, and professionally at the age of 18 as freelancer), with a design and traditional art background acquired in the College of Fine Arts, and with a general knowledge of all the disciplines of Computer Graphics, including Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Shading, Grooming, Lighting, Render, Rigging, Animation, Visual Effects and Composite.

My focus is doing character art for games, VR, cinematics, films, advertising and collectibles.

Some major companies I worked for include Blur Studio, Prime 1 Studio, Buck Design and Liquid Development. This means I have a wide knowledge doing Computer Graphics for Visual Effects, Games, Animation, Cinematics, 3D Print, Advertising and Illustration and also the high quality and necessary knowledge according to the first world class production pipeline studios.

My artworks won the best awards in the world of computer graphics like Animago Awards, CG Society Award Challenges, 3D Total, CG Hub, among others. Also they showed up in the major CG websites, festivals and magazines in the World, like Siggraph, Ballistic Exposé, Ballistic D’Artist Character Modeler, Ballistic Exotique, 3D Artist Magazine, 3D Creative, Imagine FX, Fantasy Art Now, Zbrush Central, CG Society, CG Talk, just to name a few.

I’m available for remote freelance work, mentorship and talks.

You can contact me using my e-mail and also adding me on Facebook.

E-mail: miguelcbt@outlook.com

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